Kisha Jones-Pate




Black Women Networking (BWN) has a dynamic leader who is paving the way to help women of color be successful in business. Kisha Jones-Pate has created a leading organization in the Atlanta, Georgia area and they have been utilizing a lot of creative avenues to spread their message, not just locally, but internationally.  Mrs. Jones-Pate has been inspired by family legacies which motivate her to continue moving forward on her lifelong journey.

Her mother, Mary Ola Jones Munnerlyn, was a successful entrepreneur who left Mobile, Alabama at age 17, to launch a string of successful high end salons.  Kisha’s mother was also a runner up in the Miss Black America competition.  Kisha’s mother did all of this on her own as a single mother of 4 children. Kisha Jones-Pate’s grandfather was also an influence to her by being a community leader.  Reverend Clarence Cook was a pastor in the Mobile, Alabama area and he was also a philanthropist.

The BWN women also hold webinars and have book discussions about books that are positive motivators for them.  The group also holds luncheons and dinner gatherings to discuss positive things that are going on in their Communities, as well as how they all can make an impact in their Communities.  Mrs. Jones-Pate also takes the time out to spread the word of BWN on radio talk shows and through other sources of media. (Exquisite Fusion Magazine – January, 2014)

Networking activities have also been initiated in order to continue to move BWN forward. As a group the women of BWN hold conference calls regularly to help uplift each other and share messages of what each individual lady is doing within their own businesses.